For Generations To Come

As many of you may know, I am a member of a Christian Fraternity namely Alpha Omega Theta Christian Fraternity, Inc. AOT has been such a blessing in my life. Before my involvement in this ministry I suffered from complacency and comfort. I was comfortable just coasting through life. I was not concerned about the other gifts that God had put inside of me. I was practicing with the obvious ones, but the others remained hidden. My Flock Leaders noticed this, and did everything to take me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it had nothing to do with me spiritually, but just the fact that I was forced to do something I would have never done, benefited me. As a result of this ministry, I have befriended true men of God who have no problem with holding me accountable in any area of my life. These men encourage me to strive after God.  I serve with my whole heart, because I understand the impact this organization can have for another brother. Thanks fellas, from your bond brother…

Shout outs to the Zealous Zeta boys! Love Yall! And to my closest bruhs, Evan, Jaron, Donte, and Mike D., can’t wait for the next road trip!!! (I know yall getting old, married, and settled in, but shake the dust off come Spirng time)lol


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